Your Ten Of Ten

Lovely Reader Paul Mulroney posted his ten of ten list in the comments of the latest episode, but was a bit too eager for his free tickets, and posted his full address with the list… To protect his privacy i’ve deleted the comment, but here is his list for all to enjoy. 

Top 10’s, not in orderFisher King, for Robin Williams, Jeff Bridges and Mercedes RuleFalling Down, for Michael DouglasThe Seven Samurai, better than the Magnificent SevenThe Trouble with Harry, for a young Shirley McLean and a very quirky storyStrangers on a Train, for Farley Granger and Guy HaynesThe Wall, for Bob Geldoff as a jaded rock star. (OK, I was stoned the first time I saw it)To Kill a Mockingbird, for Gregory Peck, his best ever workNorth by Northwest, Cary Grant and Eva Marie SaintReservoir Dogs, for the gratuitous violence set to cool musicRope, a cinematic play, brilliantly shot in long continuous scenesand for a second ticket, my most disappointing movies, again not in any orderIndiana Jones 4The Hitchhikers Guide to the GalaxyMr and Mrs Smith, the Hitchcock version which nearly made me burn my Hitchcock collectionStarwars Episode1Kill Bill 1 & 2Reds, how did that win an academy awardLa Dolce Vita, dittoI am Legend, making it a zombie movie killed itI don’t want to think of any more, it leaves a bad taste

I’ll keep updating this post as others contribute, so you’re ideas don’t get lost in the comments. 

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