Wall-E Opens to Universal Acclaim (Australians Will have to Wait)

Wall-E opened in cinemas across the US today, and has scored a remarkable 90 average on Metacritic.Here are the top ten comments;

100 Village Voice Robert WilonskyA film that’s both breathtakingly majestic and heartbreakingly intimate.100 The Hollywood Reporter Kirk HoneycuttThe visual design of Wall-E is arguably Pixar’s best. Stanton, who wrote the script with Jim Reardon from a story he concocted with Peter Docter, creates two fantastically imaginative, breathtakingly lit worlds.100 Chicago Tribune Michael PhillipsWhile I may argue with the little guy’s taste in musicals, it’s remarkable to see any film, in any genre, blend honest sentiment with genuine wit and a visual landscape unlike any other.100 New York Post Lou LumenickA charming, hilarious robot love story aimed at the entire family.100 USA Today Claudia PuigAt once futuristic, funny and fantastical.100 Washington Post John AndersonThe idea that a company in the business of mainstream entertainment would make something as creative, substantial and cautionary as WALL-E has to raise your hopes for humanity.100 The Onion (A.V. Club) Tasha RobinsonIt’s Pixar’s most daring experiment to date, but it still fits neatly into the studio’s pantheon: Made with as much focus on heart as on visual quality, it’s a sheer joy.100 Entertainment Weekly Owen GleibermanIt whisks you to another world, then makes it every inch our own.100 Wall Street Journal Joe MorgensternThe first half hour of WALL-E is essentially wordless, and left me speechless. This magnificent animated feature from Pixar starts on such a high plane of aspiration, and achievement, that you wonder whether the wonder can be sustained. But yes, it can.100 TV Guide Ken FoxIt can hardly be called a children’s film, but a masterpiece of feature-film animation for all ages.

It is such a shame then that I’ll probably be watching this visual masterpeice on my laptop, via a Bit torrent site.I’ve been looking forward to WALL-E ever since i heard the concept, but Pixar and DIsney have decided that Australians should wait til September 11 2008 for the film to be released here. I thought we’d been through this before? When movie files being Bit Torrented first made headlines a few years back, all the major studios started releasing their blockbusters on the same day across the planet. They realised that one reason movies were being pirated was the long wait between markets.For instance, the biggest movie going weekend in the US is the Thanksgiving Day long weekend. Typically studios would release Testosterone Gun 4 or whatever blockbuster they expected to make the most money from that weekend. In Australia, the biggest movie going day by far is Boxing Day. So in the past, Australians would have to wait over a month for such releases.Piracy changed that, and today Testosterone Gun 4 will generally open on the same day around the world. But lately the studios have been falling back into the delay shtick, on the ‘second teir blockbusters’. Which begs the question, how the hell does Disney think WALL-E is a second teir blockbuster?To be fair, I can understand why they delay releases. The price of an average film print that plays at a cinema is around $3000. So for a universal release, a $3000 print must be made for every cinema screen in the world. By staggering a release around the world, the studios can make far fewer prints and re-use them in different markets. So, when we finally get to see WALL-E in September, it will be a hand-me-down scratched print from the US. Does that make you feel better?Sorry, I’m rambling now, but it just kills me that i cant see WALL-E tonight at the cinema, but i can see it on The Pirate Bay.So my question to you dear reader, is should i wait, or should i pirate?

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