Twitter : Pointless Perfection


My 3 favourite podcasters can’t stop talking about twitter, and neither can I. In case you don’t know, my 3 favourites would be Leo Laporte, Merlin Mann, and Veronica Belmont.So what the hell is it, and why should you care? Well, at its worst Twitter is pure and simple timewasting, more annoying Web 2.0 clutter to distract you. At its best Twitter is pure and simple time wasting, but it has the potential for so much more. One useful application of Twitter, if you’re a tight arse like me, would be to get all you friends to join Twitter, and have them activate SMS notification. Then, if anyone wants to send a really important message like, “Going to the pub. Come” That message will be instantly sent to all your friends, for the price of one sms. Better still, if you send it from your computer, its a group SMS for free. The only catch is that everyone else on the planet with Twitter will also get your message. Its a small price for freedom.Ok, so that hasn’t sold you huh? Well bear in mind that Twitter is brand new, and there are ALOT of things that need to change for it to reach its potential, or atleast the potential I see for it. The most obvious feature Twitter must include is the ability to assign groups to the people on your friends list. At the moment, you can switch on SMS notification for all of your friends all of the time, some of your friends all of the time, or none of your friends. What would make  Twitter nearly perfect for me is if i could  set it to receive SMS’s from all of my friends between, say 6pm and 10pm,  but during  9am and 6pm I only recieved messages from my family, best friend, boss, etc. Likwise, I could ban my boss tweeting me (seriously, thats what its called) when I’m at home.The next feature I’d add would be the ability to send a semi-private message. Again, twitter only has two messages when it comes to sending; Send to everyone, or just one person. With a simple group setting, i could send one message to my work group (I’m sick) and one to my friends group (Wanna see a movie?) These simple options would make twitter almost ideal. I can’t help but wonder though, whether Obvious, (Twitters Creator) will actually bring functionality to Twitter. I know many people already using the service to send heaps of free SMS’s everyday. Perhaps if Twitter had a point, it would collapse under its own popularity. 

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