Twit Just Broke My Brain!

Oh my god!


TWIT 89 simply was the greatest episode of anything ever! Ok, maybe not, but by good it was good. Leo’s mellifluous voice welcomed the always hilarious John C. Dvorak ( Patrick Norton was there to take John on whenever needed. Merlin Mann, the funniest person in podcasting today also rose to the challenge of Dvorak, as he proved he could the week before.Also, it should be known that Merlin is a little “somethin’ for the ladies,” my female geek friends love him. And then of course, we had “something for the fella’s”, Veronica Belmont, the amazingly cute techie from Buzz Out Loud. Veronica is easily the hottest non fictional sex symbol in the geek world.Veronica’s only competition in the Geek world is Claire from Heroes, but thats not exactly a fair fight. After all, Claire is a cheerleader with superpowers who will one day save the world. Plus, she’s a cheerleader that fell in love with a geek.Either way. Best. Twit. Ever

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