This American Life (again)

I’ve mentioned the brilliant program This American Life a few times before, but I’ll mention it again, because it just continues to amaze me.This week i had a mini-holiday, and spent alot of time just wandering about with my iPod on. I’d ran out of new Podcasts by the second day, so i opened up iTunes to look for new stuff. Thats when i realised old episodes of This American Life can be bought through iTunes for 99 cents.


The episodes were:Everyday Macgyver Moments20 Acts in 60 Minutes Godless Americaand, The Allure Of Crime. All we’re random picks, and all were the usual high quality. But that final episode, The Allure of Crime, was exceptional. If you’ve never heard this American Life before, start here (you can listen for free clicking the link).

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