Talking With The Taxman About Poetry

the difficult third podcast is a much more sober and thought out affair. We discuss:ron moore was so impressed by fulltimecasual episode 2 he gave us a preview copy of razor:old school cylons, six, cain, battles, oh my! (there are a few spoilers, so fire up bt if you havent already…)house is back on my high rotation, trying to get it back on justins…i gave chuck another go.. i dig it, despite its obvious flaws.check it out if you have a few spare gigs this month..the new dilemma of our time :Brewsters Millions… hmm.. are we gonna get arrested for this?maybe we should plead the fifth, or the Alan Jones defense, or was it Bill O’Reilly?This weeks indepth look at a show is on Dexter…  (which is a kickarse website, by the way..)And then a little bit on why i still think South Park is relevant.. Not subtle, but relevant…Justin saw some stuff:Below is better than he expected…Biker Boyz was not..Weird tangent – what films have you walked out on?Transformers hurt me.. oh welland thats about it.. despite our best efforts, this still weighs in at just over an hour..

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