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Kevin Smith is My Hero.

I few days ago the lovely Chris Bright took apart Kevin Smith’s latest film, Zack and Miri make a Porno. I really enjoyed the film, so i felt the need to defend it. Zack and Miri is great fun. I hate writing, more of a talking man, so fuck it, thats all you’re getting til the podcast comes out. What make Kevin Smith my hero though is his openness, and his ability to engage with his fans. He runs a forum, which these days is not too groundbreaking for tv shows, but is still pretty rare for big time film makers. Rather than just use the forum to drive traffic and hock shit, the guy actually joins the conversations. He posts Lolcats in the lolcats thread, defends Macs in the Mac vs PC thread, and is generally just another user of the site. More importantly, in the recent Zack and Miri threads he hasnt been delete posts that say the film was crap, or the marketing was terrible, he’s responded to them. But it’s his podcasts that really are fantastic. In episode 68 of Smodcast, Kevin Smith and his producer Scott Moiser sit down and try and work out why Zack and Miri made far less money than it should have. Its a frank and heartbreakingly funny discussion, something so rare in an industry of bullshit press releases. They never really get to the answer, but they didn’t really need to. The Halloween release date ensured the target demographic for the film were out all weekend getting shit-faced, the word “Porno” did the rest. Its a damn shame, because this is probably one of Kevin’s best films. When the film finally gets released in bloody February here, i urge everyone to see it at the cinema, and give Kevin the kind of opening weekend box office he deserved. I will, and I’ve already seen the film 3 times. Oh, and the guy is even on twitter:


Zack and Miri.


Kevin Smith is something of an icon to the Generation X film geek. He’s responsible for memes involving prime numbers, reprehensible personal hygiene, and inter-species erotica, all of which cut pretty close to the edge in their time.Given his previous comedic films it’s really not a surprise that the next thing he’s working on is titled Zack and Miri Make a Porno. It’s a story about two friends who decide that in order to get themselves out of financial strife they’ll get into the porn business. As with most of Kevins writing the dialogue is likely to be one of the highlights, well paced and ironic with plenty of pup culture references. We’ll keep you posted as firmer details come down the pipe, you can see the teaser here.