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The Simpsons Rating Triumph – Blame YouTube

Quite a few sites are reporting that The Simpsons latest Treehouse of Horror episode grabbed the shows best rating in five years. So far, no-one has used this fact to jump to a ridiculous conclusion just because it fits their beliefs about video sharing.So let me.


The reason The Simpsons did so well in the ratings this week was because someone at Fox was smart enough to upload its Mad Men parody to Youtube a few days before the episode screened. I saw it on TV Tonight, then posted it here. Duncan Riley saw it here, and posted it to The Inquistr. Someone no doubt saw it there, and posted it on their site, and well, you see where this is going.Just as Tina Fey suddenly made SNL relevant again, and spurned a trillion websites to post her Palin parodies, this clip reminded people how awesome The Simpsons could be.So media companies, can you all stop suing YouTube for the free publicity its providing? And if you insist on taking clips off YouTube and using your own crappy media player instead, can you atleast make the clips embeddable?

The Final Word On The Dark Knight

A few months back, I linked to some kid on Youtube reviewing Rambo, it was fucking hilarious, and captured the imagination of Chris Kahler, who brought up the Kid on the latest Mactalk podcast. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oghWz97c8s&w=425&h=344]Just to go full circle here, the lovely Alex Reid just linked me to the Kid’s review of The Dark Knight. Pure Gold.