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Yelp In Australia

Starting today, we hope that Aussies will find Yelp.com.au to be a fun place to share their thoughts on who has the best cup of coffee or where to find the most eclectic collection of local fashion designers. Over time, we’d expect that Yelp will help people find a great dentist or mechanic.  No local business is too small to be reviewed, and therein lie the hidden gems.via Yelp Official Blog.

I wonder if its too late, has foursquare et al captured the hearts and minds of geeks in the time it took Yelp to come to Australia?

So How Does Apple Know You’re in the Store?

Employees armed with iPod touches get notified when customers enter the stores with their location-aware iPhones (for services like in-store pickup or an appointment), or when customers request help using in-store iPads. All the employee has to do is select a customer in a queue, get their position on an in-store map, and voilà! An an employee walks up to the customer and assists them.

Very cool or very creepy, depending on your point of view.via So How Does Apple Know You’re in the Store?.