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Rocket Men


So, the good Peter and myself were able to see that presentation on the new Trek film that’s been doing the rounds. It consisted of a brief intro by a chap from Paramount (who admitted ruefully to have presided over the release of all of the other Trek films), then about 35-odd minutes of footage in four scenes, each introduced by the ever-personable onscreen mug of director JJ Abrams. The whole affair seemed at heart to be a marketing tool to get folks like us to voluntarily become part of the hype machine surrounding the film, and… well, I do believe it worked.If I had to distill into a single phrase what we saw – it rocked.Visually, it’s the shit – the actors are all soul of Trek, just given new life in a new body.Ultimately, perhaps Star Trek was just never meant to rock… but I say bring it on.

Live And (Mostly) Uncut

So, in an experiment, we recorded with the idea that we would not cut this episode. It actually turned out ok!In the News: The Dark Knight cracks a billion and gives away the screenplay to celebrate, Where for art thou studio screeners? Uncle Rupert says “Dont fear the tech”, SImon Pegg and Nick Frost are back!Arrested Development Movie hinted at again, Star Trek is played to some lucky people, Monopoly: The Movie, Spielberg and Smith remaking Old Boy, James Cameron said nothing on T4, Batman sues Batman, Australia still sucks, but now Baz has an ‘out‘.The reviews this week, Max Payne and American TeenAnd your homework is The Kid Stays In The Picture


Sure, it’s got overacting and bad dialogue and silly costumes and embarrassing alien marriage ceremonies and Wesley Crusher, but at day’s end, I still dig me some Trek. I like the old kitschy one with Shatner’s unique brand of swagger. I like Next Gen with its weighty pretentious pondering and its weighty pretentious captain. I like Deep Space Nine with its overblown prophesying and mawkish romance. Hell, I even like the one with the holographic doctor and that insufferable Neelix guy.The movies, though, should always have been much better than they were. I mean, I’ll watch them, but more because I really like spaceships and rayguns than the quality of the flicks themselves. Wrath of Kahn is probably the only one that stands up on its own… although I confess to a soft spot for the comedy stylings of the Star Trek Christmas Special. Oh, and that zero-G japery in Check him out: