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Last night i stayed up watching the Obama inauguration with the rest of the world. I even bought a six pack of Bud as a sign of good faith in my American brothers, but only drank one. That shit ain’t beer. As a TV/Film site, i guess i should mention the coverage. In Australia, the coverage was OK, but a little frustrating. CNN was blocking Australia on its own site, yet CNN via Ustream worked. Al Jazeera and BBC World via Livestation had fantastic coverage, but the images were too choppy. CSPAN had hilarious Redneck talkback, but that kind of took away from the event. Channel 9 had Karl Stefanovic. After much jumping back and forth, I eventually stuck with Channel 7’s direct feed from NBC. Anyhoo, the speech ‘Bama gave was a great as you’d expect from the man, but this little nugget amused me as much as it amused Ken Levine:

“Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America.” I can just imagine George Bush hearing that, processing it, and fifteen minutes later saying, “Hey!”

In fact, there were quite a few indirect digs at Bush and the last 8 years throughout Obama’s speech, and each time NBC would cut to a close up of W for a reaction shot. They got nothing. W kept the same “i wanna go home” look on his face the entire speech. Either way, it was a great night. Congratulations America, you done good. On a side note, Oliver Stone’s W will finally be released in Australian Cinemas on February 12th. Two days ago DVD Rips of the film hit the tubes. I’ll leave that one up to you..

Guys Who Get It Part 2: The Guardian Newspaper

Justin recently wrote one of the best posts on this here site about dudes who get it… Although this isn’t film related, today I’m equally inspired by The Guardian Newspaper . The first newspaper in the world to offer full articles in their RSS feed.Dear ABC, Fairfax, News.com.au etc… I now suck in all ‘print’ knowledge purely via RSS, and only to feeds with full articles. Sadly this means i really don’t know what the hell is happening in the world outside of Tech News, Mac News, Film News, and LolCats. Thanks to The Guardian, i realise we’re still at war, which is a shame, and that there’s been a spot of bother with the economy lately. Thanks Guardian, for realising it is 2008.

Austereo are a bunch of Fucking Morons.

I just heard that Tony Martin will be “getting the arse” after this year, by the fucking morons at Austereo. 


Tony Martins Get This has been the best radio program in a decade, and the one thing that has brought me back to commercial radio, after a solid two years of listening to nothing but my iPod and podcasts.I really dont understand how corporate media works. They seem to only promote the most mundane crap and cancel anything thats good.Austereo, Get This was your Arrested Development. The intelligent, hilarious show that made up for the rest of the crap you broadcast. The show that made me think you werent as stupid as you clearly are.I only hope another network will see Austereo’s mistake, and throw wads of cash at messieurs Martin, Kavalee, and Marsland.  And maybe, just maybe, they will allow the boys to play music that they want to play, not the high rotation shit from the Triple M catalogue.Very bloody angry….

Sick to fuck of LOLspeak

hey kids,


i’ll admit that i thought lolcats were cute too for about 3 minutes earlier this year, but man they got old quickly. i really hoped the fad would be short lived, but like pictures of britney spears vagina, they just keep coming back.Anyhoo, while i can handle coming across the odd lolcat, i draw the line at lolspeak. Jesus, its only funny when there’s a fucking cat involved! It’s not rocket science people.And if my twitterfeed is anything to go by, the only people who find lolspeak amusing are (ex)Microsoft employees…please kids, make it stop.

John Howard, We Hardly Knew Ye…

What a week for dear ole Johnny Howard. He posted his first ever video on


Youtube last week, possibly because he was depressed that he doesnt even have enough friends on MySpace to fill his top eight. Meanwhile Little Kevvy Rudd has some 6000 MySpace friends.Not only that, but Johnny’s bestest friend Pete Costello, said Johnny was a shithouse economist. Completely fucked shit up while he was treasurer. By the way, for those that don’t remember, Little Johnny’s nickname, “Honest John” was originally ironic. It was based on all the lies he told as treasurer in the Fraser Years. Thankfully, Johnny cleaned up his act in the eighties and never told another lie.So why I am writing this? Cos sadly, i think Johnny doesnt have much time left as our fearless leader. That awful Kevin Rudd has so much momentum behind him, that the only way i could imagine him losing the next election is if it was revealed he was a crack head, or a pedophile. Even then, I’m sure he could spin it.But as i see Johnny climb down from George Bush’s lap, zip his fly and wipe his top lip, I am reminded of the one and only time I ever met the great man. The following is a true story…In 1992, my sister took a temporary position at a senators office in the centre of Sydney. For those like me who take all there knowledge from cinema, the building was the one Tom Cruise drops through in MI:2. This building housed the offices of most Sydney based Federal politicians. On the final day of her two week stint, i went to pick her up from the office. As we rode the elevator down to the ground floor, the elevator stopped and Little Johnny Howard got in.In 1992, Howard was a failed man. “Lazarus with a Bypass” as Keating called him. But he was still vaguely famous enough for me as a 15 year old to be a bit awestruck. Plus, he’s quite a bit bigger than you’d imagine in real life, so that was weird too.My sister was always fairly outspoken, and at that time in her life she was about as angry as a young, socialist feminist growing up in a capitalist patriarchy could be. Clearly Johnny Howard was not her hero. She was not struck by the same awe as I was.Johnny hit the basement floor button, we were getting off at ground. We stood in silence for ten or so floors, but as we approached ground my sister turned to Johnny and said “You’re a worthless, pathetic, repulsive man. I hate you, and I’m glad you’ve always failed as a politician…”I almost passed out. Johnny didnt even flinch.We hit the ground floor, and my sister and I got out. Neither of us could believe what she had just said.Years later, when Johnny became leader of the opposition again, then eventually Prime Minister, we always wondered whether that chance encounter had some how motivated Johnny. Whether inadvertantly, she was responsible for him clawing his way back to power.Either way, she was right. Johnny was and remains a worthless, pathetic, repulsive man. In the immortal words of Roy and HG, he is an embarrassment to himself, and a burden on the rest of us. In 1996, i was proud to be an Australian. In 2007, I’m not so sure.I cant wait to see the evil prick go…

Can I Check Your Bag?

One of those things that piss me off far more than it should is being continually asked by a checkout chick if they can ‘check my bags’.It pisses me off mainly because i always have a bag over my shoulder, where ever i go. And being a bit of a geek, its one of those bags that has 43 separate pockets, and is full of usb thingys, cords, hard drives, dvds, atleast one camera, etc etc etc.Every now and then i crack and get a bit annoyed with the poor bored bastard asking, and mutter something like “well i dont think you fucking sell macbooks…” But never have i simply said No. Which is weird, cos at the end of the day its just a question…Today i was in a great mood, so when asked by a girl at Kmart i said “Sure, its called a Small Loft, its from STM. The Chocolate and Orange combination. Its really nice isnt it?” She stare at me blankly, but just said “thanks”.But why don’t I ever just say “No. You cant look in my bag.” Or, when they ask “Do you mind if i look in you bag?” can i simply say, “Yeah i do mind, no you cant. But thanks for asking…”?I asked my girlfriend this today and she said its because of the sign at the front of most stores that read something like “Its a condition of entry to this store that you present all bags for inspection blah blah blah…” But i don’t know. Surely those signs make me less likely to argue the point, but how enforcable are they? If i hung a sign above my door stating if i found you attractive, you were required to blow me, could i demand it? If i hung a nice little sign saying that if you were an annoying client who had no idea what they wanted i could punch you in the face without notice, could i be charged with assualt?Surely those signs would be as legally binding as the check you bag signs, or atleast, they should be. So, if any lawyer is reading this, please, let me know. Can I legally refuse to show my bag to a minimum wage 14 year old at Coles?