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Guys Who Get It Part 4: Pegg, Frost and Wright

I had a very different post planned for the next part of this recently-inaugurated and probably endless Guys Who Get It series, but two things happened that changed my tack. First, the series was gleefully hijacked by Fearless Leader and President For Life of Fulltimecasual Peter Wells. The man’s a whirling dervish of blogging goodness, so now there’s this problem of the bar being raised. It’s getting like a man will have to think before he types or something. And I thought Pete understood the internet!Second, I went a little ways out of town over the weekend to celebrate the 32nd birthday of a close friend by mercilessly shooting him in the back with a paintball gun. “Happy Birthday!” I cried as we left the battlefield. He left because I shot him, I left because I was so keen on shooting him that I stood in the open to do it and a teenager with terminator marksmanship skills and a reprehensible disrespect for his elders shot me in the face just after I did.War is hell.Paintball is one of those things that every man has either tried or has always thought about trying, and embarassing as it is considering my pacifistic tendencies and general horror of actual war, it turns out I have in me both a weekend warrior and an armchair general. Shame I’m such a crap soldier. If you’ve ever wanted to be in Predator, Private Ryan or the Dirty Dozen, then this is the game for you. If you haven’t, then, well… I just don’t know you.So we’ve talked before – too much, really – about how great Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright are. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but this Guys Who Get It series cannot continue without their early inclusion. These particular Guys, they Get It… they really, really Get It. They lovingly parody pop-culture, mostly their favourite films and TV shows, while also expertly practising the very same techniques that they’re making fun of. There just isn’t high enough praise for them.Don’t believe me? I give you Pegg, Frost and Wright taking on paintball.Also, they have scientifically isolated the psychic connection between all males.And, apologies for the quality of these uploads (it weren’t us!), but here are two bits of youtubery relating to one Mr. George Lucas – One and Two.There is so much more where that came from.


Sure, it’s got overacting and bad dialogue and silly costumes and embarrassing alien marriage ceremonies and Wesley Crusher, but at day’s end, I still dig me some Trek. I like the old kitschy one with Shatner’s unique brand of swagger. I like Next Gen with its weighty pretentious pondering and its weighty pretentious captain. I like Deep Space Nine with its overblown prophesying and mawkish romance. Hell, I even like the one with the holographic doctor and that insufferable Neelix guy.The movies, though, should always have been much better than they were. I mean, I’ll watch them, but more because I really like spaceships and rayguns than the quality of the flicks themselves. Wrath of Kahn is probably the only one that stands up on its own… although I confess to a soft spot for the comedy stylings of the Star Trek Christmas Special. Oh, and that zero-G japery in Check him out:


Spaced DVD Defines Awesome.


Um, seriously.. Holy fucking shit. A few epsiodes back on the ‘cast we mentioned that Spaced was finally set for an international DVD release. Well today i saw via teh twitters that the new DVD will be more awesome than i could have ever hoped.From Collider: 

Boasting over eight hours of content, Spaced: The Complete Series features bonus material including the all-new commentary from Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, Matt Stone, Bill Hader (Superbad, Saturday Night Live), Patton Oswalt (King of Queens, Ratatouille) and Diablo Cody (Oscar®-winning writer of Juno). 

Sweet merciful Crud!