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Instacast for iPad


Instacast has gone back to being my default podcast catcher for the iPhone, and just in time, because today Vemedio released Instacast HD. The app is absolutely gorgeous, set up is as easy as tapping “use iCloud sync” on the splash screen, (make sure you enabled iCloud sync on your iPhone, its in the settings app if you want to make sure) and Instacast HD will import all your podcasts and even playback positions.The main UI is like a taseful mix of Reeder and the iPad music app, but its episode playback where Instacast HD really shines. Show notes fill the screen, and theres a built in web browser (that appears as a tab, quite like the new Google Search App) for exploring the links further. For tech and news podcasts with tonnes of links, this is a massive deal.

While I’m probably going to keep listening to most podcasts on the iPhone in my pocket, Instacast HD will become my preferred way of listening to the nerdier, link heavy stuff i listen to, with the iPad on my desk as I work, or kitchen bench while cooking dinner. And the great thing is knowing the playback positions will sync between the two automatically.Instacast HD is $5.49 AU in the App Store.  Instacast for iPad – Enjoy your Podcasts – Vemedio.

Cars 2 and a Butt Load of DVD’s

I heard that Pixar finally made a bad film so i went to check it out. Does Cars 2 really suck like Rotten Tomatoes says it does? Tune in to find out!Meanwhile, the lovely Justin spent some quality time on the couch, watching I Am Number Four, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, The Tillman Story, The King Of Kong, War of the Worlds (Spielberg version), The Adjustment Bureau, Easy A, Elf, and Lost In Space.

New Podcast! Yay!

Its been a bloody long time since i’ve been able to sit down and talk shit about films with my dear friend Justin Gibson. I can’t tell you how happy it made me!In this episode, recorded Sunday afternoon Australian time (Pre-Oscars) but uploaded Monday night (Post Oscars) due to technical difficulties, we take a look at the nominees for best picture. We manage to pretty much predict every single award we mention, which says a lot more about the Academy’s safe decisions than our ability to read minds. Films that get a mention are The Kings Speech, True Grit, Toy Story 3, Black Swan, Exit Through The Gift Shop, The inside Job, 127 Hours, the Fighter, and um, just for good measure, The Green Hornet.