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iStat Menus 3 by Bjango

iStat Menus 3  by Bjango should be available by the time you read this. I’ve been playing with it over the last week (I was even lucky enough to spot a bug a help the boys kill it!) and i can say it’s as well polished as you’d expect.The boys seem quite apologetic that they’ve moved from Donationware to Paid. I can understand the trepidation, its always hard to ask someone to pay for something they’ve previously gotten for free. But I’m more than happy to pay for iStat Menu 3. In fact, i was more than happy to donate $20USD for iStat Menu back in the day. The software has always been that good.Don’t get me wrong, if you have the shits with the price rise, i understand. If you are a poor student with no money, i’ve been there and get that too. But I’m happy to say i can afford the $10USD right now, and I’m more than happy to pass that along when I can see how much care and attention has gone into iStat menus.Especially considering iStat Menus is the second thing I install on a new Mac after Quicksilver.

Jailbreaking My MacBook

I needed some space on my MacBook, so once again I’ve nuked the Windows Bootcamp partition. I realised this was probably the 4th or 5th time I’ve nuked a Windows partition without actually using it. In that sense Bootcamp for Mac is like Jailbreaking for my iPhone, something I do when I’m bored, thinking i’ll use the added functionality, but rarely do. I need new hobbies.

Testing out MacJournal

I’m sure I’ve used it and a bunch of other offline blogging tools in the past, in the foolish hope that they will make me blog more often. They never work, but i will say i have some strange ‘old man’ tendency about me that just trusts native apps over web apps, even when their sole purpose is to publish to the web. I use Mail.app for Gmail, iCal for Google calendar, Tweetie for Twitter, etc, etc. Anyhoo, now i’m trying to make a point to justify this post, when all it was supposed to be was a test for MacJournal, which i grabbed in the latest Machiest, a mac software bundle I’ve never seen the point of in the past, but – dammit, there i go trying to make a point again. A point even I’m too bored to finish.


Seems like you can’t wrap text around an image. Well that’s balls.

The Official iPaper Clip

Remember that paper clip that would pop


up in Windows every now and then, to say helpful things like “It looks like your trying to write a letter. Would you like me to point out the obvious and slow down your computer as you go?”I always though he was slightly vaginal, but that could just be me.Anyhoo, that wasnt the point of this post. Point was i stumbled across the story of a guy who’s iPhone had broken down, and was sent a replacement model by Apple.When he got his new phone, he realised to insert the sim card he needed a paperclip to open the hatch. Thats when he discovered this:


On the back of that card, like the back of every Apple product, was the line”Designed By Apple in California.”