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ABC iView Coming To a Decent ISP Near You!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been really enjoying The ABC’s iView service. I had completely forgotten about the service after it launched, but The Howard Years reminded me it existed, and that it was unmetered on iiNet, my ISP. Since (re)discovering the service, I’ve probably watched about 20 hrs of Aunty’s content.


Well, good news everybody! According to The Australian, The ABC are experimenting with Hostworks to replace Akamai as their video streaming hosts. Apparently, because of the way the Akamai servers are set up, iiNet were the only ISP with technology smart enough to separate iView content from the shitload of other stuff on Akamai. Something about packet inspection and other nerd shit i don’t really understand. Anyhoo, the first ISP to step up and offer this easier to unmeter iView, is the thoroughly decent Internode, ISP to the nerds. If they can do it, then your ISP has no excuse. Apart from greed. Guess which ISP I’m think of now? EDIT: iPrimus have joined the party… Now if only iView would lay off the flash just a teeny bit…