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Instacast for iPad


Instacast has gone back to being my default podcast catcher for the iPhone, and just in time, because today Vemedio released Instacast HD. The app is absolutely gorgeous, set up is as easy as tapping “use iCloud sync” on the splash screen, (make sure you enabled iCloud sync on your iPhone, its in the settings app if you want to make sure) and Instacast HD will import all your podcasts and even playback positions.The main UI is like a taseful mix of Reeder and the iPad music app, but its episode playback where Instacast HD really shines. Show notes fill the screen, and theres a built in web browser (that appears as a tab, quite like the new Google Search App) for exploring the links further. For tech and news podcasts with tonnes of links, this is a massive deal.

While I’m probably going to keep listening to most podcasts on the iPhone in my pocket, Instacast HD will become my preferred way of listening to the nerdier, link heavy stuff i listen to, with the iPad on my desk as I work, or kitchen bench while cooking dinner. And the great thing is knowing the playback positions will sync between the two automatically.Instacast HD is $5.49 AU in the App Store.  Instacast for iPad – Enjoy your Podcasts – Vemedio.

Bodyguardz for iPad


Once again the lovely Anthony over at Mactalk has passed on some gear for me to take a look at. This time it’s the Bodygaurdz Cover for the iPad. You’re probably familiar with the Bodyguardz range if you’ve owned an iPhone, chances are you’ve seen this video of the iPhone being attacked with a sander and surviving the process:[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuF0_fOiFNU&w=500&h=300]Its a pretty impressive demonstration, but not one i was prepared to test on my iPad. I’m just going to focus on installation and final look, ok?Installation. Installation is pretty easy. I’ve previously used Bodyguardz on my first generation iPhone way back when and found it incredibly annoying, i think i destroyed 3 films before applying correctly. Thankfully Bodyguardz now ship with an ample tube of lubrication for the screen, so as long as you follow the directions and err on the side of “applying too much lube” then you should be fine. It took less than a minute to line up and apply the screen guard.The Bodyguardz instructions warn that your screen will look frosty for 24-48hrs after application, and you shouldnt panic if this is the case. I think they’re being overly cautious with their estimates, my screen was frosty after application, but the iPad was useable within an hour. I applied the film before going to sleep (hence the sexy mood lighting below) and by the morning the streaks were barely visible.


I tried appying the back cover next:


While the result was damn sexy, i just couldn’t get the screen to line up perfectly with the edges, and perhaps i used too much lube because just when I thought it was almost perfect, I’d breathe too heavily and the screen would move.  After about 20 minutes wrestling with the back screen installation, I gave up and threw it out. My iPad lives in the much maligned official Apple iPad cover, which i happen to love, so protection for the aluminium back is not that important to me.Final Look. It’s now been 48hrs since installation, so the final verdict? Well, all streakyness and clouds have disappeared leaving a screen not too different from a naked iPad. The texture of the Bodygaurdz feels warmer and slightly squishier on the fingers than the cold glass of the iPad. Looking at this picture, you can see the 4-5 tiny specks of dirt that I missed on the screen before installing:


I guess thats annoying, but its not a deal breaker for me, and if you’re more patient cleaning your iPad before installation then you can probably avoid this.Take another look at the above photo though, what else stands out? If you don’t own an iPad yet, you probably can’t spot the key part of this review. If you do, then you may notice a complete lack of fingerprints on the iPad screen. That photo was taken after a full day of use and without wiping the screen for fingerprints!Let me just say that once again in bold; The Bodygaurdz screen seems to protect the iPad from fingerprints!This alone is worth the $39 price. I rarely allow portable sanders to get too close to my gadgets, but since getting the iPad I’m sick of the constant jokes about how dirty it looks and “fingerprints magnets” from people i’m showing it to.The Bodygaurdz for iPad range come in Screen Only or Full Body covers. Considering i gave up with the backing screen and didn’t even bother trying to apply the sidescreens, i’d say save your cash and buy the Screen Only cover. If you’re the kind of person that shows off the iPad to friends constantly (and you’re an early adopter, so you are) then the time you’ll save wiping the screen of fingerprints will pay for itself.Bodygaurds for iPad available here. Full set of photos: Bodyguardz for iPad on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Blue Yeti Microphone with iPad via Camera Connector – The Ultimate Portable Podcast Studio

The iPad Camera Connector kit went on sale yesterday and one of the big questions, for me atleast, was how it would handle the rumoured ‘audio over USB’ capabilities. The answer is pretty bloody well. I’ve completed a few tests this morning, and the audio quality is amazing. It helps that i’m connecting the iPad to the ridiculously over the top Blue Yeti USB Microphone, courtesy of my friends at Mactalk. With this gear, I’m pretty sure I currently have the worlds best iPad audio recording set-up. I’m recording the audio with the iPhone app iPro Recorder, which is still alot better than any of the native iPad Audio apps. Hopefully Bias will release an iPad version soon. I’m glad this all works. After a few weeks of owning the iPad i was so blown away by its ability to do most of what I need in a computer, I sold my laptop. But i kind of forgot that sometimes I record audio with my laptop, and this afternoon I’m recording an interview for the podcast. Thank god the camera connector went on sale yesterday! I’ll spare you the twenty or so recordings I made this morning (“testing, testing, one twwwwo”) – just listen to the Sydney Film Festival Podcast later today. In the meantime, look how sexy the set up is…


Full Set on Flickr.