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Hip Hop for white people

the excellently named Cats And Beer have a


listen of the top ten songs ‘white people love’. The Author claims he has ‘studied white people for almost 27 years’, and these are his findings.The post is hilarious, with lines like:10. Positive K – I Got A Man ‘White Girls in particular love this song because it gives them a chance to playfully reject a male suitor’s advances on the dance floor before blowing him at the end of the night. It’s empowering.’

This is Why Youtube Exists…

I’ve seen a hell of a lot of weird and wonderful Youtube clips (as i’m sure you have too..) that its about time i start sharing them again. My favourites tend to be those weird clips taking from a webcam… Here are a random few that have caught my eye recently.Survivor, by Destiny’s Child. Ukulele Style.Some Random Kid reviews Rambo.Some other Random Kid Having A Bad Day:that last one just breaks my heart on so many levels. please if you’re gonna comment, be nice..


Better Late then never..So here’s a little podcast that was supposed to go up last week. Thanks for Arkenstone for kicking my butt into putting it up..This episode Justin discusses Beowulf in 3D IMAX! Golly!He also gets me to watch an illusionist called Derren Brown, (start with that clip, then spend hours on Youtube watching the others…)Then i check out Kid Nation,which leads to a discussion about child exploitation and reality tv exploitation and somehow ends up at Bland, sorry, Annfrom Arrested Development..  Homework:Justin : Conan The Barbarian.Pete: The Emperors New Groove.classy..Oh, and the song at the start and end of this weeks show is Flourescent Adolescent by the Artic Monkeys. It has nothing to do with anything we talk about, i just dig it.

Fulltime Casual Podcast, Episode One

Finally! after months of talking about it, here is the Fulltime Casual podcast.


After a few moments trying to work out what the podcast is about, we get down to discussingthe new fall season…Colbert for President! Previous Candidates… Our Crappy ElectionThe Worm! BoxcuttersThe TV SetBonus Rant: My Big Fat Greek Wedding New Series of House… Richard Dawkins – everyone’s favourite atheist. NCIS makes me want to kill myself and others…And yet we still love House. 30 Rock is not Studio 60…Tina Fey Rocks! The US Office doesn’t actually suck…I’m man enough to admit i like Mean Girls.and Josie and the Pussycats…Heroes isn’t really grabbing us this year… Maybe it’s Lost its way…Radiohead’s InRainbows.. Download it, its free! Razor is Coming…Download here or subscribe to the Podcast Feed..(iTunes Coming Soon…)