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The Final Word On The Dark Knight

A few months back, I linked to some kid on Youtube reviewing Rambo, it was fucking hilarious, and captured the imagination of Chris Kahler, who brought up the Kid on the latest Mactalk podcast. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oghWz97c8s&w=425&h=344]Just to go full circle here, the lovely Alex Reid just linked me to the Kid’s review of The Dark Knight. Pure Gold. 


What I’m assuming is the weekend fluff-mag of the New York Times A possibly respectable mag completely unrelated to the NYT seems to have published the world’s first ever bad review of The Dark Knight (Edit: Possible Spoilers).  The guy could be completely wrong, I really hope he is, but it’s still refreshing to hear a dissenting opinion, particularly one so eloquently expressed.The article seems considered, calm, reasoned. It’s not kneejerk, he doesn’t seem personally offended in that particular way that suggests some kind of moral panic. His various criticisms are all ones I can understand, and have applied to films, often without liking them any less for their flaws. Well, all except that bit about “Shavian dialogue” which I had to look up. Why can’t they just say “Shawly”? So much cooler. Goddammit.  Nobody ever listens to me.They didn’t like Dickery either.But I digress. Whatever the validity of this guy’s opinions, whatever you feel about the article itself, you have to give him major kudos just for cajones of pure adamantium. Or whatever your favourite fictional material of impossible strength is. Ten bucks says he doesn’t last out the month. He’ll likely be murdered in his sleep by an enraged mob all dressed as Batman and harmonising the Elfman theme at the top of their lungs. Edit: Someone else I linked up to the article thought that it was too spoilery. I think it’s just average review material, but we’re not talking about the latest Wayans picture, we’re talking about the kind of film that gets you murdered in your sleep by twenty dudes dressed as the Joker’s minions, one with a camera, and one who is just there to hold up title cards and provide musical stings as they punch you again and again and again until the blood won’t stop.So I’ve added a spoiler warning. For the purpose of not being dead.