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The Daily Show – President Gallant VS Goofus

Get through the introduction, and enjoy the best clip from The Daily Show this side of the 2008 Election, President Goofus vs President Gallant. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

 also, and ad that caught my eye on the Dailyshow.com :


Well thank fuck for that!

America – The Greatest Reality TV Show Ever Made


Watching American News and Current Affairs is like watching Big Brother, only Gaelen has the codes for the bomb. That’s why we’re big fans of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart round here, its the one news program that gets the absurdity of it all. Well, good news everybody! The Weekly Daily Show (the re-packaged “International” version of the Daily Show) will begin screening on Channel Ten from November 9th. Just in time for the election wrap-up. If you’ve never seen The Daily Show, this will be a great introduction. And watching it on Ten won’t count toward your download limits..