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New World Distribution

Interesting article about ‘new world distribution’, where the film maker (or any producer really) can use the new fangled thing we call the internet to directly capture an audience.. (i know it sounds so very 2001, but its a good read…)

Many filmmakers are emigrating from the Old World, where they have little chance of succeeding. They are attracted by unprecedented opportunities and the freedom to shape their own destiny. Life in the New World requires them to work harder, be more tenacious, and take more risks. There are daunting challenges and no guarantees of success. But this hasn’t stopped more and more intrepid filmmakers from exploring uncharted territory and staking claims.

Creatio Ex Materia


It appears I’ve found myself in a Smackdown of sorts with my dear American friend Ted McNeil. Its seems that Ted feels the need to backhand me atleast once a month on his blog over something, this time bizarrely, its over Swedish Cinema. To be fair, Ted is a great friend of mine who would really love to live in Australia, but his personal politics of “guns for all, healthcare for no-one” is more suited to the American Dream.To be even more fair, Ted’s blog Creatio Ex Materia is a great read, mainly focused on film, every now and then straying into political commentary, which really should be in your RSS feed. He’s one of those Americans that remind you why we buy their products, watch their films, and despite their president, we believe they really do mean well…Tell him Pete sent you…