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Noel Fielding has an art show

You know, Vince Noir from The Mighty Boosh.


The artist and comedian paid homage to singer Bryan Ferry with some of his paintings in a series sub-titled “Bryan Ferry vs. Jelly Fox”

My favourite part?

(Noel) handed out Ferry masks to the first 100 visitors to the exhibition. He also played badminton in the street outside and was seen sporting a variety of outfits and pancake face makeup.

Didn’t know he created the art behind the series? You should totes checkout his book.Via Design Federation (pretty good Aus design blog)

Sydney Biennale


I went along to the 17th Sydney Biennale yesterday. It’s a fantastic, massive show you could easily waste days exploring.As interesting as the art was, I really enjoyed being able to poke around the old factories, air raid shelters, cranes and sheds of Cockatoo Island, in all its rusted old Cold War glory.The Biennale runs until August 1st, with free ferries out to Cockatoo Island every hour weekdays and every half hour on the weekends.Biennale – Cockatoo Island – a set on Flickr.

Judgement Saints

In this action packed episode we discuss getting your cock out for art, hating god, the retarded Baldwin brother, some more love for Community, fresh love for Modern Family, trepidation over Cop Out, and how utterly shit Boondock Saints is.Homework is The Apartment.Also, I realise NBC was recently bought by Comcast, not Viacom. It just came out wonky ok?I’m still not completely happy with the audio mix, I just can’t get rid of a low level hum under 128k encoding, which means (relatively) large file sizes. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.