Roll Your Own Twitter Groups


So with much fanfare, Pownce was released last week. I played with it for a day or 2, then left it. Nothing matches the simplicity of twitter, which is why is continues to reign supreme on the ‘microblogging’ landscape.One of the joys of twitter’s simplicity is that it kind of forces its users to come up with new ways of using it. Rather than pownce or Jaiku, which allow groups, or importing rss feeds, or images, files, whatever, twitter has allowed its users to come up with the hacks. So we end up with Twittergram, Twittervision, Twitter RSS, and now, my own version of Twitter groups.Since joining twitter i have gradually built up a group of unknown ‘friends’ from all walks of life and timezones. I never set out to befriend everyone i saw, or to make it to the top of Twitterhollic, the growth was purely organic. I’d friend someone interesting, then hear half their conversation with someone else, so i’d friend them too. Before long i had 200 friends..But that wasnt the reason i joined twitter. As a tight arse, I joined in the hope i could convince my friends to join, then we called use Twitter as a free group SMS service. I couldnt convince my ‘real friends’, and getting sms’s from 200+ fake friends became unbearable. I switched of Twitter SMS, vowing to not use it again til Ev gave us groups.Well, bugger that. In the spirit of Twitter, i can up with a way of making groups, and its so stupidly easy. Multiple twitter accounts. My main account, at, will be the account designed as Ev intended, a free flowing conversational brainfart with the world. I’ll access this through Twitteriffic and post whatever, whenever. My new account, will be linked to my mobile phone, and I’ll keep the my updates to that private (for friends only). If your are already a twitterfriend of @fulltimecasual, feel free to join me @peterwells. But, if like me you’re a bit of a twitterhollic, Make a second private account and add that to @peterwells.Or, if you dont know me, or dont care, suggest this to your own group of twitter friends.Until twitter gives us groups, this is the next best option.

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