Rocket Men


So, the good Peter and myself were able to see that presentation on the new Trek film that’s been doing the rounds. It consisted of a brief intro by a chap from Paramount (who admitted ruefully to have presided over the release of all of the other Trek films), then about 35-odd minutes of footage in four scenes, each introduced by the ever-personable onscreen mug of director JJ Abrams. The whole affair seemed at heart to be a marketing tool to get folks like us to voluntarily become part of the hype machine surrounding the film, and… well, I do believe it worked.If I had to distill into a single phrase what we saw – it rocked.Visually, it’s the shit – the actors are all soul of Trek, just given new life in a new body.Ultimately, perhaps Star Trek was just never meant to rock… but I say bring it on.

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