Last night i stayed up watching the Obama inauguration with the rest of the world. I even bought a six pack of Bud as a sign of good faith in my American brothers, but only drank one. That shit ain’t beer. As a TV/Film site, i guess i should mention the coverage. In Australia, the coverage was OK, but a little frustrating. CNN was blocking Australia on its own site, yet CNN via Ustream worked. Al Jazeera and BBC World via Livestation had fantastic coverage, but the images were too choppy. CSPAN had hilarious Redneck talkback, but that kind of took away from the event. Channel 9 had Karl Stefanovic. After much jumping back and forth, I eventually stuck with Channel 7’s direct feed from NBC. Anyhoo, the speech ‘Bama gave was a great as you’d expect from the man, but this little nugget amused me as much as it amused Ken Levine:

“Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America.” I can just imagine George Bush hearing that, processing it, and fifteen minutes later saying, “Hey!”

In fact, there were quite a few indirect digs at Bush and the last 8 years throughout Obama’s speech, and each time NBC would cut to a close up of W for a reaction shot. They got nothing. W kept the same “i wanna go home” look on his face the entire speech. Either way, it was a great night. Congratulations America, you done good. On a side note, Oliver Stone’s W will finally be released in Australian Cinemas on February 12th. Two days ago DVD Rips of the film hit the tubes. I’ll leave that one up to you..

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