Hi! How’s it going?So hey – John Hodgman did the correspondent’s dinner and it was, predictably enough, awesome.  Damn theat Hodgman, with his boring tendency to be consistently hilarious!There’s something sublime about talking Star Trek and Dungeons and Dragons and Conan the Barbarian to a president of the United States. And then calling him a nerd and a wingnut. And getting him to make the Vulcan “Live long and prosper” hand. And schooling him in the various brands of hobbits. And calling him the Quisatz Haderach…Checkit…. and asking the him a three-part question about the culture of the fictional world of Arrakis. The answers are “Shai Hulud”, “Thumper” and “The Water of Life”, by the way.For those of you who already knew this – hello nerds. :)How good is Obama? He’s switched on, good-humoured and clearly a huge geek even though he pretends not to know who Crom is. He also pretends to be a God-botherer, but hey – you gotta make a few PR sacrifices to be POTUS.And, just ’cause Obama is awesome, here’s link to the musical registrar of the American experience, Tom Waits, singing Chocolate Jesus.

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