Nancy Cartwright Joins the Axis of Evil

Last night i finally saw Indy 4. Sweet Merciful Crud, i thought no film could destroy a franchise (and my childhood memories) as much as Star Wars had, but i was wrong. Lucas and Speilberg kept twisting the knife with every scene. As i tweeted last night, “i had heard about nuke the fridge, i had steeled myself for nuke the fridge, and yet i still wasn’t prepared for the nuking of the fridge”. This morning Justin linked me to an auto-call voicemail of Nancy Cartwright using Bart Simpson’s voice to promote Scien-fucking-tology. I knew she was a Scientologist, but like Beck, she normally has the good grace to shut the fuck up about it. So i accepted it. Not anymore. Congratulations Nancy, you’ve joined Lucas and Speilberg in the Axis of Evil. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. Will Uwe Boll announce a remake of The Princess Bride? Will Stephen Malkmus eat kittens? Will GTA become an EA franchise? If any of these things happen, please, don’t tell me.

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