Recently I’ve become obsessed with making Mixtapes in Garageband.


Its so much fun, cos you can recreate the experience of an old school mixtape, where the tunes can be arranged in the order you want them to be listened to, and the poor listener on the other end has to put up with it!Great, if like me your a music obsessive.The experience has highlighted yet again why i hate DRM and our stupid copyright laws.I wanted to include a song by The The, August and September, in the latest mix. For some reason it wasnt in my iTunes library, despite the fact i have bought the Album Mind Bomb (fucking brilliant, get it now) atleast 3 times already.So i went to the iTunes Store and bought August and September again, all wrapt up in shitty DRM. Because of this, i couldnt use it in Garageband before burning a CD and reimporting the damn track. If it were available on P2P i would have got it there instead, but unfortunately The The isn’t big enough for P2P to be an option. But it would’ve been far easier to make the mixtape that way.Now, i have the mixtape, but of course legally i cant share it with anyone. Fucking stupid again.RIAA, it would be harder for someone to take my mixtape and break it up into individual tracks than it would be to just steal said tracks off the net. But, if you allowed me to share my mixtape, young’ins could hear The The for the first time and buy one of there cds..Fucking morons..

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