iPhone, Kinda….

I’m working for some dudes making videos for bluetooth enabled phones. Because of that, i have 9 different bluetooth test phones on my desk from all the major manufacturers, so i can see what codecs play best universally.Of all the phones, ranging from the smart to the very dumb (damn you Sony Ericsson) the little phone that had the nicest gui, quickest response time, and was the easiest to use turned out to be the Cheapo Nokia 6234, a Vodafone branded phone.Only problem was, it didnt Sync with macs. Well, my boss was out of the office today so i had some time to kill, and based on this guide at Mactalk, i was able to modify an existing iSync plugin to play nice with my mac. You can download the plugin here.For installation, check out the thread at Mactalk. Oh, and to justify the iPhone Headline, you can download a pretty iPhone skin for the Nokia 6234 here, To iPhonefy just about any other device, look here.

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