I’m Not Really A Geek…

Amongst certain friends, I’m the geekiest guy they know. Amongst others, I’m dripping with social skills..But I feel the need to keep pointing out I’m not really a geek, or whatever the non geek label is, I sit right on the cusp.Further proof: Last week i bought a Nintendo DS. Hardly an early adopter, the machine is almost 2 years old. But I tend to get into stuff just before it hits the mainstream. Take podcasting for example, I started subscribing to shows about a month before iTunes 4.9, the update that brought podcasting to the desktops of millions. So marketeers, read this blog!But the DS is already mainstream I hear you say… Well, no, its not. If you thought that, then sorry, you are a geek. But its about to be. check out this ad:

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