Howards End

To make this years election coverage more exciting,


I’ve created a bingo card of the most important seats to watch, based on Antony Green’s analysis, with images stolen fromGoogle Maps excellent Electoral Guide. The Bingo Card shows who currently holds the seat, and also the current frontrunner to win the seat based on Centrebets odds.For instance, the seat of Bennelong pictured here.I’ll admit I got the idea for the card from The Liberals, who released a card of Rudd cliches before the Rudd Howard debate. Which is kind of grown up way of saying “You started it..”If you’re not the kind of person to be glued to Antony Green’s coverage on Election Night, then why not cut up the card and use it to run an office sweep. The seat with the biggest swing against the incumbent wins.Enjoy..┬áPlease Note: If you downloaded the card yesterday you missed out on NSW, which contains the very fun to watch seats of Bennelong, Wentworth, Parramatta, and of course, Eden Monaro.. Please redownload the card now! Download Your Card Here.

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