George Carlin

So, I know it’s old news in internet terms, but George Carlin died. The first time I remember seeing Carlin was, somewhat ingloriously, in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, when I was – what? Fifteen, maybe? Younger? I remember thinking “that guy looks familiar…” Considering his fairly sanitised role in the movie, I was surprised and impressed when I first saw his standup. Seemingly without effort, he was iconoclastic, funny, clever and coarse. He was one of those rare guys who really seemed to think for himself… he naturally draws comparisons to other countercultural heroes like Bill Hicks and Lenny Bruce, but unlike Hicks his coarseness was more charming than belligerent, and unlike Bruce his wit was more intuitive than overtly intellectual. He was a very cool dude who’ll be missed. George Carlin rocked!

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