Censorship, Self Censorship, & The Internet

I really don’t like offending people. And i dont go out of my way to “bait” or “troll” other people on the net. Yet somehow, in the 3 months I’ve had this site running I’ve been threatened with libel on 4 seperate occassions, and have found myself kicked off an internet forum.¬† So am i a troll?I would like to believe the answer is no.I’m my real life I’m a failed filmmaker, and a minimum wage worker drone. I’ve never really been a model employee in any of the shit jobs I’ve had. I’m arrogant, self righteous, and easily distracted. In one of my jobs i was 2 days away from recieving a promotion when a duty manager made one of my co-workers cry,just because she could. I was revolted, and staged a mini-strike that saw me almost fired. In hinesight it was a stupid thing to do, but what can i say, thats the kid my parents raised.Thats one side of my personality, the side that feels the need to fight injustice when I’m confronted by it. Even¬† if the fight is trivial. The other side of my personality, the side that makes me a shitty filmmaker, is my servere social anxiety. I never feel comfortable in the skin I’m in. I worry that I’m too short, that I’m too fat, that my teeth are crooked, that my dick’s too small, that I’m not masculine enough, that I swear too much, that I’m white trash, that I’m nouve riche, that I’m annoying, stupid, worthless, paranoid, egotistical, arrogant, smug, lazy, hyperactive, irresponsible…As Roy & HG used to say, “I’m an embarassment to myself, and a burden on the rest of you…”And thats why I love the net.None of that shit matters here. I can give as much or as little of my personality away as I want. If i dont like a certain place, I can leave, and know that I’ll soon enough find a place of likeminded souls. Sure, someone can google me if they want to attack me, but fucking hell, why would you bother?

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