Can I Check Your Bag?

One of those things that piss me off far more than it should is being continually asked by a checkout chick if they can ‘check my bags’.It pisses me off mainly because i always have a bag over my shoulder, where ever i go. And being a bit of a geek, its one of those bags that has 43 separate pockets, and is full of usb thingys, cords, hard drives, dvds, atleast one camera, etc etc etc.Every now and then i crack and get a bit annoyed with the poor bored bastard asking, and mutter something like “well i dont think you fucking sell macbooks…” But never have i simply said No. Which is weird, cos at the end of the day its just a question…Today i was in a great mood, so when asked by a girl at Kmart i said “Sure, its called a Small Loft, its from STM. The Chocolate and Orange combination. Its really nice isnt it?” She stare at me blankly, but just said “thanks”.But why don’t I ever just say “No. You cant look in my bag.” Or, when they ask “Do you mind if i look in you bag?” can i simply say, “Yeah i do mind, no you cant. But thanks for asking…”?I asked my girlfriend this today and she said its because of the sign at the front of most stores that read something like “Its a condition of entry to this store that you present all bags for inspection blah blah blah…” But i don’t know. Surely those signs make me less likely to argue the point, but how enforcable are they? If i hung a sign above my door stating if i found you attractive, you were required to blow me, could i demand it? If i hung a nice little sign saying that if you were an annoying client who had no idea what they wanted i could punch you in the face without notice, could i be charged with assualt?Surely those signs would be as legally binding as the check you bag signs, or atleast, they should be. So, if any lawyer is reading this, please, let me know. Can I legally refuse to show my bag to a minimum wage 14 year old at Coles?

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