Burn After Reading poster

Beasting! As the kids say. The poster for the latest Coens flick, Burn After Reading, has been released onto the interwebs, and it’s gorgeous!  


 Seriously – how damn cool does that look? Tell me It’s not totally beasting.   For them as aren’t in the knowin’, It’s in the style of Saul Bass, the man responsible for the most elegant, dynamic and original title sequences up to and including Fight Club. And, of course, posters to match. It might be a bit too much if the Coens executed the title sequence in the same style, but damn I’d love to see it. Still – between the Coens and composer Carter Burwell, you can’t go too wrong on title-sequences… Miller’s Crossing? The Big Lebowski? Hudsucker Proxy? Fuggedaboudit.  Of course, I’m looking forward to everything that happens after the titles too. When they followed the decent but undistinguished Intolerable Cruelty with the downright bad Ladykillers, I was worried that they’d lost their touch… and maybe they worried were too, because they took a few years off. Then they came back with arguably their best film, No Country for Old Men, and made me feel guilty for ever doubting them.  It was a bit like I turned on my best friend Al because I overheard him saying. “…I’m gonna make the cops think Justin did it. Then he’ll get his just desserts. Ha! Ha!” But I didn’t hear the first part, which was “I handed in that lost property at the police station, and I found out there’s a reward, so… “.And we’d been friends for 20 years, and he saved my life once. And it was my birthday that day, for Christ’s sake. What was I thinking? Where was the trust? I don’t deserve a friend like you, Al.  Point is, Burn After Reading is gonna be awesome!  Hey – the kids do say ‘beasting’, right?  

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