Blue Yeti Microphone with iPad via Camera Connector – The Ultimate Portable Podcast Studio

The iPad Camera Connector kit went on sale yesterday and one of the big questions, for me atleast, was how it would handle the rumoured ‘audio over USB’ capabilities. The answer is pretty bloody well. I’ve completed a few tests this morning, and the audio quality is amazing. It helps that i’m connecting the iPad to the ridiculously over the top Blue Yeti USB Microphone, courtesy of my friends at Mactalk. With this gear, I’m pretty sure I currently have the worlds best iPad audio recording set-up. I’m recording the audio with the iPhone app iPro Recorder, which is still alot better than any of the native iPad Audio apps. Hopefully Bias will release an iPad version soon. I’m glad this all works. After a few weeks of owning the iPad i was so blown away by its ability to do most of what I need in a computer, I sold my laptop. But i kind of forgot that sometimes I record audio with my laptop, and this afternoon I’m recording an interview for the podcast. Thank god the camera connector went on sale yesterday! I’ll spare you the twenty or so recordings I made this morning (“testing, testing, one twwwwo”) – just listen to the Sydney Film Festival Podcast later today. In the meantime, look how sexy the set up is…


Full Set on Flickr.

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