Advance Australia Fair

Podcast Episode Six.Well, we get straight into it with a discussion of the best free to air tv show I’ve seen in a long time, the Election. After that, its our standard crap of stuff that doesnt really matter, like Grand Theft Auto being the bestest thing in the whole damn world. Did i say sliced bread could suck my balls? Sounds like it..Then Justin talks about Waitress, which despite having Nathan Fillion, aint that great.Then its a new segment, The FulltimeCasual Media Club, your homework, if you choose to accept it, is to watch Reign Of Fire and Bender’s Big Score. You can also watch Nathan Fillion in Slither while you’re at it..I try to close the show, but all this talk of Fillion gets Justin hot and bothered, so we chat a bit more about him, and why he should’ve been the star of Indian Jones Begins. Enjoy.

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