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My Name is Peter Wells. This has been my waste of space for the last few months, and I’ve happily used it to post random useless shite.Since i opened Fulltime Casual, I’ve hidden behind the anonymity that the web allows, but today I’ve decided to step out and reveal myself. Not because of the recent shit with Kathy Sierra, nor because Jimmy Wales thinks that there should be a bloggers code of conduct. Kids, as noble as that may seem, no one really gives a fuck.The reason I’m announcing my name is that in the next few weeks I’m going to start muckraking on this site. And to do that without giving my name leaves me open to criticism that I’m only attacking people because i can without fear of being brought to task. Well, fuck that.My name is Peter Wells. I am a failed film maker, media junkie, and all round annoying little shit from Australia. For those that want to attack me, you know who I am. If you want to threaten to sue me (no shit, I’ve been threatened 3 times since I started this blog)then fucking go right ahead.But if i suggest you might be using your position of influence on the web to make some cash for yourself, or to influence others, dont you dare say I’m just some annoymous critic.

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