A Quick Correction

Hullo everyone!Hope you enjoyed the triumphant return of the podcast! Well, that dodgy Hammer Films bit might’ve dulled the “triumph” a little… plus that MC Hammer gag was poor in both concept and execution. Then there was the unfocused shit-talk. And that drunken, racist tirade in hour three probably took the shine off a little, too… Pete cut that, right? I’m sure he did, but I didn’t get that far ’cause I stopped listening after I noticed a stuff-up.When discussing Me And Orson Welles, I mentioned Kirsten Dunst as being a standout. Problem is that the good Ms. Dunst is not in that picture, and what I meant to say was that Claire Danes is a standout. She’s the one who’s all animated and talented and luminous in Me and Orson Welles.This woman here:


Not Mary Jane -- Juliet!
She’s just a good high-profile role away from A-list I reckon. Yeah, she had a pretty big shot at it when she landed Terminator 3, but unfortunately that movie kinda ended up being Terminator 3.So, sorry for the fumble on that one… a slip of the tongue from a man under quite a lot of pressure. I told you about the beatings, right? Well, that’s not the worst of it. Sometimes we have to reenact that scene in Casino where… wait! Shit, I think he’s coming!Gotta run. Go and watch Claire Danes and Christian McKay be awesome in Me and Orson Welles! Seriously, it’s a really cool mov-MESSAGE ENDS

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