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Leading up to a week without Jebus

On Friday morning I’m going to leave the iPhone at home and use only the WP7 exclusively for the next week. I figure any old fucker with a blog can review a phone after playing with one in store, but I assume the kids at Teltra want something more than that. They want us to live with the phone for a while. So that’s what I’m going to attempt.It’s taken about four days to get the Windows Phone 7 to the point where it is almost usable, and hopefully the “i-would-like-the-battery-to-last-more-than-4-hours” hack described here will take it over the line. But I’d like it to be more than usable. I’d like the WP7 to be a contender to the Jebus throne.So, to make it a contender, I need to find apps comparable to the ones that live on my iPhone homescreen. They don’t have top be the same apps, although that would be awesome,  just similar in function.The short list i need:

  1. Evernote
  2. Simplenote
  3. 2do
  4. Meebo
  5. Tripview
  6. Dropbox

Do they exist?

First Impressions Of The Windows Phone 7

I havent had time to write a proper post on the Windows Phone 7 ((Disclaimer: Telstra gave me the phone for free to play around with. They also threw in an Xbox 360 so i could ‘experience the seamless integration between the phone and Xbox Live. Make of this what you will. )) yet, so instead i asked the good folk of Twitter to throw any questions they might have about the phone so far.


Here are some of conversations that followed. (Read from bottom to top in each screengrab). Continue reading First Impressions Of The Windows Phone 7

The Loved Ones, not pretty enough at box office | Encore Magazine

Sean Byrne’s acclaimed horror film The Loved Ones Madman Entertainment failed to capture the Australian box office, opening outside the top 10 with a screen average of $1,586 $141,152 from 89 screens.But it’s not like Australians reject torture on film; a different kind of physical abuse did reach the top of the box office, with Jackass 3D Paramount earning $3,582,884.

via The Loved Ones, not pretty enough at box office | Encore Magazine.