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The Best, Worst Advertised Show on TV | Smogger

Terriers is not an easy show to market. When you eventually hear the concept in its most bare-bones construction – two low-rent private investigators solve cases while engaging in odd-couple dynamics in a beachside town – it sounds like approximately every other procedural that has ever been on television. Your Bones, your Mentalists, your Criminal Investigation Naval Security Committee Bayside Protection Units. But it isn’t like any of those shows.The differences are subtle, though. Terriers is very funny, without ever drawing any attention to its jokes. It’s exciting, but never sleek. There are moments of violence, but they arrive unexpectedly, never at the beats in the story we’ve been conditioned for, and they’re sloppy and awkward and look patently un-choreographed, fights between people who don’t know how to fight. There are self-contained weekly cases and an ongoing narrative.

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New 3D shark attack action picture begins filming in Australia today

I don’t normally post the press releases I’m sent, but this one caught my eye:

New 3D shark attack action picture begins filming in Australia todayArclight Films’ wide release 3D shark action movie, BAIT 3D commenced principal photography this week at the Village Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast in Australia. The film represents Australia’s first Singapore/Australian coproduction following the recently signed treaty and pioneers the filmmaking relationship between the two countries.BAIT 3D follows a group of tsunami survivors trapped inside a flooded supermarket with a pack of man-eating sharks…