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Election Night Drinking Game



Here’s a nice simple drinking game to make the election coverage tomorrow night a little more enjoyable. It’s all based on the amount of times Eden Monaro is mentioned by the TV pundits.BackgroundEden Monaro is a big arse seat in southern NSW that stretches from the Southern Coast to The ACT. Because of this, it covers almost every demographic and swing voter in the land, from surfers to miners to farmers to loggers to hippies to working class Queenbeyan residents and middle class ACT beauracrats. Since 1972 the good people of Eden Monaro have always voted in the overall winner of the federal ballot, making it darling of federal election TV coverage.BeginnersOr those wishing to remember tomorrow night, should drink whenever these facts are brought up, Eden Monaro is mentioned as the ‘bellwether’ seat, or pundits laugh and say things like “As Eden Monaro votes, so does Australia”. More recently the phrase “Australia’s Florida” can be added to the drinking list.AdvancedOr heavy drinkers should simply drink whenever Eden Monaro is mentioned. Remember; it’s a big arse seat, it takes a long time for all booths to send in their results, you will drink all night and often.Good luck tomorrow and may the best woman win.

The Tarantino roadmap

Did you know that Quentin Tarantino plans to retire from filmmaking at the age of sixty and spend his remaining years writing? The man sure likes to talk a lot, but he’s also a very disciplined mofo, so I’ll assume that he’s serious and committed to this.Tarantino is currently 47. That gives us thirteen more years of his movies. I averaged out the time between his movies so far – three years. That means we get four more movies out of him. That’s maybe a little sad, but of course whatever the finite number of his works, it will have been too few. As for what those movies might be, here are the projects he’s mentioned at one time or another, in the order of my excitement about them:

  • A Southern, a spaghetti western set in slave-era Texas
  • Modesty Blaise, film adaptation of the comic book
  • Kill Bill: Vol. 3 is in development, according to IMDB
  • Come Drink With Me, a remake of a martial arts movie
  • Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! would be a remake of Russ Meyer’s schlocky film

Via Neven Mrgan’s Tumblr. He designs for Panic (who make some fantastic OSX apps) & has his own pixel style iOS game coming out called The Incident (which looks amazing).