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What iPads Did To My Family – Link

This dude really digs his iPad.

I don’t think I’ll be buying any more desktops going forward.  I don’t think I’ll even be buying any more laptops going forward.

They’ve all been largely obsoleted (at least at my home) by a sleek $499 device that doesn’t really have any right to be called a “computer” in the traditional sense.

Sure, there’s a handful of tasks that I still would prefer a real computer, but — amazingly — that list has now shrunk dramatically.  In less than a week.

via What iPads Did To My Family – Chuck’s Blog.

Goodreader Vs ReaddleDocs for iPad

The iPhone OS’s lack of any central storage repository means you have to look for other avenues to get your files in. And so far, Good Reader has the edge over every one of the rest. It’s cheap, bearable user interface, and insanely powerful. Reading PDFs is certainly better than using the built in engine. Until something better comes along, I’ll be using Good Reader ($0.99) instead of ReaddleDocs ($4.99).

Goodreader and ReaddleDocs – For Reading Everything Else.

iPad File Transfer Fix for GoodReader, Comic Zeal, Sketchbook, Etc..

So, you installed the iPhone SDK to back up you dodgy copy of iPhone 4.0, then suddenly you lost the ability to transfer files to your iPad apps via iTunes? Well there is a way to get file transfer back, but you will have to sacrifice 4.0 back-ups to do it. (this was no big deal for me as 4.0 was just a tad too buggy, and 3.1.3 became Jailbroken.So, to get iPad File Transfers working again:1) Delete  the folders MobileDevice.framework and DeviceLink.framework located in /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks.2) restart your Mac.3) Re-install iTunes.4) Fill that iPad!