Monthly Archives: April 2010 + a Pogo Stylus. Good, not great

Bought a pogo stylus to use with Penultimate for the iPad. Taking notes with both is nice, but still not as natural as a pen and paper. The main issue is training yourself to lift your arm off the screen so the pad doesn’t get confused. Also, the pogo’s tip is actually a sponge, which makes writing kinda weird. I’m hoping one of the other Styluses will be a little nicer to use. Still, it did the job, and its a lot easier for me to jot down numbers and emails with than the standard iPad keyboard…

iPad Stylus


If you want to buy a Stylus for your iPad there is no point asking at an Apple Store. The gorgeous Southern Californian Automaton* you ask will pause slightly, flick her hair and reply with a well timed snort, “The iPad doesn’t need a Stylus”. She’s right i guess, but drawing with your finger on an iPad feels about as natural as ‘writing your name in the snow’, if you get my drift…Luckily, Styluses are available elsewhere. Today I saw a handy little iPhone Stylus for $14 at Officeworks. I was tempted, but last night i purchased every stylus available at I’m assuming half the Styluses at Deal Extreme will suck in one way or another, but at around $1.70 each I felt confident enough to buy each model and hope one wouldn’t suck. I’ll report back on which model is best.*No matter which Apple store I’ve visited, there is always a Southern Californian Automaton in the store.

Iron Man 2 – Trailer Vs Film

I was lucky enough to see Iron Man 2 yesterday and Justin and I will review the film in our next podcast. In the meantime I want to go through the trailer and point out some of the things that worried me about it, and to assure you there’s nothing to worry about.[youtube=]Cool huh? Well, here’s some of the things that worried me.The Batman Forever. See also, Spiderman 3. Often with Superhero sequels the film makers try to jam as many characters in from the comic as possible, leaving the audience wondering who the hell all these new friends and foes are, and leaving no character enough screentime to develop. I was worried this might be the case with Iron Man 2 after seeing Scarlet Johansson, Sam Rockwell, Don Cheadle, and of course Mickey Rourke in the trailer. To my surprise, all these characters are well balanced, and Don Cheadle’s opening lines are a clever nod to the online controversy surrounding his casting.The McG.See Also; Bad Boys. Charlie’s Angels was a really stupid collection of action set pieces strung together for 90 minutes. But somehow, it worked. McG stuck with the formula for Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle, only this time not even the set pieces made sense, they were so disjointed it was like watching a series of bad film clips, and being punched in the face between each clip. When i saw Tony Stark in a Formula One car I was pretty scared Favreau had McG’d, but even though the Monaco sequence is pretty stupid, it makes a certain kind of sense. More importantly, its a very small part of the film, not indicative of it.The Agent Smith Paradox. See also; Attack of The Clones. As Justin pointed out on the last podcast, too often Hollywood will think “If one Hugo Weaving kicking arse is awesome, imagine how awesome 400 Hugo Weavings will be??” Turns out, not awesome at all. The trailer scared me into thinking the final battle would be between two good Iron Men and a bunch of bad Iron Men. Look, it kind of is, but not in a bad Lucas-Wachowski way. The Battle stays focused on Cheadle and Downey, and the action remains comprehensible.So if you were worried about any of the above, don’t be. Favreau is just too clever for that shit. Iron Man 2 is a rare comic book sequel ‘done good’.

The KickAss Anzac Day Special

In this weeks FulltimeCasual podcast we discuss Kick Ass! Does it? You’ll just have to listen. Also, Can video games be considered Art? Possibly, if they include a Portal gun… And a question for all the geeks out there, knowing how it ends, should you introduce someone to BSG? I’d love to hear your thoughts. All that and more on a very special episode…