Monthly Archives: March 2010

Jailbreaking My MacBook

I needed some space on my MacBook, so once again I’ve nuked the Windows Bootcamp partition. I realised this was probably the 4th or 5th time I’ve nuked a Windows partition without actually using it. In that sense Bootcamp for Mac is like Jailbreaking for my iPhone, something I do when I’m bored, thinking i’ll use the added functionality, but rarely do. I need new hobbies.

Testing out MacJournal

I’m sure I’ve used it and a bunch of other offline blogging tools in the past, in the foolish hope that they will make me blog more often. They never work, but i will say i have some strange ‘old man’ tendency about me that just trusts native apps over web apps, even when their sole purpose is to publish to the web. I use for Gmail, iCal for Google calendar, Tweetie for Twitter, etc, etc. Anyhoo, now i’m trying to make a point to justify this post, when all it was supposed to be was a test for MacJournal, which i grabbed in the latest Machiest, a mac software bundle I’ve never seen the point of in the past, but – dammit, there i go trying to make a point again. A point even I’m too bored to finish.


Seems like you can’t wrap text around an image. Well that’s balls.