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John Cho, He’s My Bro

Here’s the chat i had with John Cho the day after the Star Trek premiere. We discuss Star Trek (obviously), George Takei, Simon Pegg, and Harold and Kumar. Many thanks to John for basically holding my hand through the interview and telling me not to be nervous, the guy was a fucking champ. I apologise for the crappy audio quality.

Guys you didn’t know you knew: Ben Burtt

Okay. Ages ago, I gave some love to Stan Winston. Because he was awesome. And most folks don’t know who he was.Now, I want to give it up for Ben Burtt, sound designer nonpareil. Because most folks don’t know who he is.This is the guy who invented R2D2’s beeps and Wall-E’s interminable cuteness. He made TIE fighters scream like Tusken Raiders, made Darth Vader asthmatic before he was cartoonishly stupid,  put klaxons and bells into spaceships exploding… used WW2 aircraft engines for the Millenium Falcon.My favourite story about Ben concerns Raiders of the Lost Ark. Story goes that he saw the rushes for the opening South America sequence and was stumped on the sound to put on the Forrestal’s skull turning towards Indy… what would be creepy enough? What would sound real?Next morning, he found the answer in his breakfast; more specifically in a boiled egg. The cracking sound of  breaking the shell of a boiled egg – that’s Forrestal’s skull saying “hi” to Indy.How awesome is that?

Dillon, you sonofabitch.

The CIA got you pushing too many pencils?Fuck. Times ten. Firstly because our fearless leader saw Trek in Sydney at the premier, without me, and got to meet John Cho  and Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine and Jaybrams… and secondly because that muthafrakker took @Warlach with him. I will kill these men. Physcially kill them.This is no crime, because they’re already dead to me.Even more egregious is that I was going to write a long post about Ben Burtt, off my own bat, and what happens? Ben did the sound design on Trek. And these Wells boys gave him love on the podcast, before I got to.And now our fearless leader’s getting Pegg stories from Harold.I’m gonna post about Burtt anyway, but I’m living in the shadow now, aren’t I?Physically.Kill.Message ends.