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The No Spoiler Chat About The Watchmen

Seriously, we did our best not to spoil a thing. I know nothing about The Watchmen, but I was joined by two hard-core Watchmen Geeks… These were our thoughts a few minutes after leaving the cinema. Apologies for the crappy audio, but the whole thing was recorded with an iPhone on the banks of the Yarra. Drinking game: Drink every time i say “Fair Enough” and “Um” (Do not drive or use heavy machinery after this game)

What Is A Spoiler?

I think it depends on the film. I’m happy to be part of a secret society that discusses film and tv while we should be working, and a few times the battle has raged over what can be considered a “spoiler”. On a base level, any revelation of a plot twist or unexpected reveal should be considered a spoiler. However, the enjoyment of certain films are so rooted in their presentation, that style can be considered a spoiler. I’m Spoiling Reservoir Dogs Now… I trust you’ve all seen Reservoir Dogs, so I’m going to spoil it now to make my point. The obvious spoilers of the film would be to tell someone who hasn’t seen it that Mr. Orange is in fact the cop, or the rat. A spoil like that should be punishable by death.But the enjoyment of the film is so much in its style, in its presentation, that to spoil the anecdote scene, or even the choice of music in the ear cutting scene, is to spoil the impact of the film. Describing either scene to someone who hasn’t seen the film doesn’t spoil the narrative, but it does spoil the OMGROLFCOPTR moment you would have seeing the film fresh…This ‘style spoiler’ is what annoys me so much about the majority of film reviews, and even film trailers, and is the reason I avoid both as much as i can before seeing a film for the first time. Of course, sometimes I cant help it, after hearing about the trailer for The Watchmen and W. i couldn’t help but watch them. Both were great, neither spoiled the film too much. (In fact, in both instances the trailers were miles apart from the look and feel of the film they were selling)Am i being too precious? What do you consider a spoiler?

Underbelly – A Tale of Two Cities


When I was studying film at RMIT, the Melbourne Underworld was doing its best to kill as many people as possible. A mate and I became enthralled in the crimes, and subsequently the Underbelly books. We would spend every lunch break and night at the pub discussing ways of bringing the story to the screen, without realising that a slightly richer man by the name of Eddie Maguire had already bought the rights. When Eddie brought Underbelly to our screens last year, i thought it was a pretty decent effort. My mate fucking hated it, for some good reasons. Well Shame, if you’re reading this you will not be impressed by the latest season. Everything you hated is back, the monotone voice over, overusing each characters name.. “You know me, I’m Al Grassby”, “what about Mick?” “What, Mick Gatto” (slowmo incase you missed it) etc. Then there are the lines like “I will be home, at seven on the dot love!”, and “over my dead body mate” (Guess what happens to those two characters). All this emphasis smacks of a lack of trust in both the material and the audience. But hey, Channel Nine spent alot of money on the series and in return want the biggest possible audience, so i can understand the lowest common denominator approach. On the plus side, all the things that made the first series so refreshing are back too. The boobies, the shotguns, and the amazingly high production values for an Australian show. What is new is the quant sexism and racism of 70’s Australia, with flairs, handlebar moustaches and muttonchops thrown in. And boobies.Then again, who cares what i think? Underbelly’s return was the highest rated premiere in Australia’s history, so the formula works. On a geeky note, good on Channel Nine for making Underbelly available on their Catch Up TV site, (free download), and on iTunes for $2.99 almost immediately after the episode aired.


Meet The Man that Makes You Watch Movies


He’s Just Not That Into You is getting the kind of buzz that suggests its absolutely shithouse, yet it easily won the US Box Office last week. Nothing new there, shit films will normally win the Box Office takings most weeks, just ask Michael Bay.. Still, i take this one a little personally. Like many sites, i posted the clever trailer of “Chick Flick Cliches” because it was some damn fine viral marketing. Then i remembered a New Yorker article the lovely Justin linked me to earlier that week, interviewing the head of marketing for New Line Cinema, Tim Palen. I checked, and HJNTIY is a New Line film. So, like many others, was fooled by the best in the business… If you’re fascinated in the business part of show business, you have to read this article. Even though he admits to basically tricking the public into believing W. was an entirely different film than it was to drag them to the cinema, i can’t help but admire the guy. Its a long, but fantastic read. (It is the New Yorker people, not