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America – The Greatest Reality TV Show Ever Made


Watching American News and Current Affairs is like watching Big Brother, only Gaelen has the codes for the bomb. That’s why we’re big fans of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart round here, its the one news program that gets the absurdity of it all. Well, good news everybody! The Weekly Daily Show (the re-packaged “International” version of the Daily Show) will begin screening on Channel Ten from November 9th. Just in time for the election wrap-up. If you’ve never seen The Daily Show, this will be a great introduction. And watching it on Ten won’t count toward your download limits..

Competition Update: 3 Prize Packs On Their Way…


Sorry, the final pack was won yesterday.A double pass to How To Lose Friends and Alienate People and the official soundtrack is still available!Just Answer the question, What is Homework for this Week? (from the latest podcast…)And if you want to cheat, the answer is already in the comments!@Kodo and @Palias Please email your postal address to podcast @ fulltimecasual dot com.

Guys Who Get It Part 4: Pegg, Frost and Wright

I had a very different post planned for the next part of this recently-inaugurated and probably endless Guys Who Get It series, but two things happened that changed my tack. First, the series was gleefully hijacked by Fearless Leader and President For Life of Fulltimecasual Peter Wells. The man’s a whirling dervish of blogging goodness, so now there’s this problem of the bar being raised. It’s getting like a man will have to think before he types or something. And I thought Pete understood the internet!Second, I went a little ways out of town over the weekend to celebrate the 32nd birthday of a close friend by mercilessly shooting him in the back with a paintball gun. “Happy Birthday!” I cried as we left the battlefield. He left because I shot him, I left because I was so keen on shooting him that I stood in the open to do it and a teenager with terminator marksmanship skills and a reprehensible disrespect for his elders shot me in the face just after I did.War is hell.Paintball is one of those things that every man has either tried or has always thought about trying, and embarassing as it is considering my pacifistic tendencies and general horror of actual war, it turns out I have in me both a weekend warrior and an armchair general. Shame I’m such a crap soldier. If you’ve ever wanted to be in Predator, Private Ryan or the Dirty Dozen, then this is the game for you. If you haven’t, then, well… I just don’t know you.So we’ve talked before – too much, really – about how great Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright are. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but this Guys Who Get It series cannot continue without their early inclusion. These particular Guys, they Get It… they really, really Get It. They lovingly parody pop-culture, mostly their favourite films and TV shows, while also expertly practising the very same techniques that they’re making fun of. There just isn’t high enough praise for them.Don’t believe me? I give you Pegg, Frost and Wright taking on paintball.Also, they have scientifically isolated the psychic connection between all males.And, apologies for the quality of these uploads (it weren’t us!), but here are two bits of youtubery relating to one Mr. George Lucas – One and Two.There is so much more where that came from.

Bangkok Dangerous: Review


Two directors remaking their own film for a foreign audience? Yeah winner. Nic Cage is the next Steven Seagal; an aging action star with a fetish for Asian culture and eastern philosophy making terrible films, starring himself.So Nic is Joe – a hitman who flies to Bangkok with 4 targets to assassinate for a local gangster. Upon arriving he hires a street urchin named Kong to run errands, the intention being to dispose of Kong when Joe is finished with the killing. In a stunning twist Kong discovers Joe’s real reason for being in Thailand, and rather than turning him in asks to be trained as an assassin. Joe takes Kong under his wing and meets a local deaf-mute woman who strangely enough becomes his love interest, melting his hardened heart.What you end up with is a really tedious and boring film: Cage simply can’t act his way out of a paper bag, and at 99 minutes the film feels like half could have been removed without effecting the story. There’s really not much that happens, far from being Bangkok Dangerous the movie is far more … Bangkok Bland. The biggest issue with the film is that there’s nothing new here, it’s the same story we’ve seen hundreds of times before and as a result there’s simply no tension. We know how the film will play out: we know that Joe will be smitten by a local lady, we know that the wise-cracking street urchin will become Joe’s side kick (who despite being trained as an assassin doesn’t actually kill anyone), and we know that Joe will seek redemption in the final act. It’s an exercise in cliche and painting-by-numbers, really not worth your time.Oh, and his hair is just terrible!1.5 stars

How To Lose Friends…

Ok, I’m not going to lie to you, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People is getting universally bad reviews. But to be fair, I’d watch Simon Pegg in any old shit, and earlier this year i did, in the horrible Run Fatboy Run… Either way, the good folks at Paramount are still giving us free passes and free copies of the soundtrack to give to 3 lucky podcast listeners. Just tell me in the comments of the next episode what this weeks homework is… (i’m posting now)The first 3 comments get the prize packs..