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Bruce Campbell! Plus: “Indy… why does the floor… move?”

Okay. The good news is that rumour has it that not only will My Name is Bruce finally get a cinema realese, but it may very well have a sequel.If rumours are to be believed: Hail to the King, baby! If rumours are not to be believed, Hail to the King baby anyway. If you know what I’m talking about, this is probably old news. If you don’t know what I’m talking about stand up right now and walk away from the computer. Pick up your wallet and your keys, get in your car, drive to your local video library, walk up to the counter and say “Hello, sir! May I hire Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn” and “Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness:”? If. in your mind, you are wondering “Why am I hiring sequels to a movie I’ve never seen?”, ignore this. It only seems like rational thought. Take the DVDs and go home. Watch them. Watch them now. And, when you’re done, tell me youre not a monarchist.I dare ya!Anyway. It’s crazy, rambling film-geekery what gets me into the trouble. I was so genuinely hurt by what I saw that I wasn’t really able to approach it as a normal human being with critical faculties intact. It meant too much to me. It was such a part of my childhood that I couldn’t see straight – and maybe I still can’t. So, to wash away the sins of Indy 4, I watched Raiders the other night with a friend. And it was awesome! But not fundamentally as different from the tragedy of Indy 4 as I had imagined.Raiders has all those Spielbergian comedic beats, which date poorly. It has that curious mix of awesome action and silly gags. The fight in the streets of Cairo is played as three quarters clowning around and only one quarter genuine danger, for example. It also has implausible scenes, like the G-men in the first act telling Indy that “this is all strictly confidential” while they happily chat in an enormous echoing lecture-hall.That being said, Raiders is awesome and Crystal Skull is just downright silly. It doesn’t matter that they are built of similar elements – an argument that’s been offered me more than a few times by folks who liked the movie. What does it matter that the elements are the same? Star Wars has the same elements as Phantom Menace. Godfather 3 had all the same elements as Godfather 1. Happy Days still had Fonzie after he jumped the shark.Raiders was awesome and Crystal Skull was terrible.I’m just saying.

Kung Fu Panda


Childrens > AnimatedCG Animation has grown up a lot since I was playing with Lightwave and learning to use Maya. While I’m very out of practice these days watching great animation still gets me as excited as when I was 13 years old, watching the T1000 morph and ooze for the first time. Kung Fu Panda gave me all that buzz and more, I loved almost everything about it.The film opens with a 2D dream sequence which on its own was enough for me to justify the ticket price. It oozes quality from the outset: the character design is striking, and the landscapes, scenery, and buildings were beautifully realised. The animation is excellent: the lead performances filled with such personality and presence you can’t help but be empathise with the characters. This is by far my favourite Dreamworks Animation title to date.Kung Fu Panda is often genuinely funny thanks to both slapstick elements that would be at home in early Warner Brothers cartoons and great one-liners. While it’s story about an unlikely hero is a film staple, it’s delivered with such a deft touch and obvious care by the production team that you can forgive the story elements and character development being a little light. The action sequences were really entertaining to watch and Po’s post-training dumpling fight (it’s better than it sounds) was the very definition of great comedy timing. If anything the film felt too short, but with a running time of 92 minutes that may have just been me wanting to see more. The kids in the cinema loved it, and the adults who brought them (or who just brought themselves) were wrapped as well.This is my favourite film so far this year, the credit sequence was really nicely done and if you feel like it there’s a cute little something at the end of them. Now where did I put my copy of Maya Personal Learning Edition?4.5/5 Stars

Babylon A.D


Vin Diesel is back in Mathieu Kassovitz big budget sci-fi action film Babylon A.D. Well, call me Mr. Hypocrite – I’m unfeasible excited by this film despite the novel the film was based on, the director, and the writer being Frenchmen. In the film adaptation Vin plays Toorop, a special forces veteran who takes a lucrative one-off job of escorting a woman named Aurora from Russia to China. She’s carrying a genetically modified fetus which is the focus of intense interest by several nefarious parties.In theory the film doesn’t sound exactly A-grade, however the novel the film is based on “Babylon Babies” is quite good, the director has done some beautiful work in the past, and the casting looks good. The film also looks really sexy as evidenced by the trailers.There are currently two cuts planned, one for the European market and one for the American. The Euro version is slated to weigh in at roughly 2 hours, 40 minutes – expect the American version to be roughly half that thanks to the distributor Fox. They thought it was just too long.I’ll be lining up for this one – it’ll be worth seeing on the big screen.

Wall-E Opens to Universal Acclaim (Australians Will have to Wait)

Wall-E opened in cinemas across the US today, and has scored a remarkable 90 average on Metacritic.Here are the top ten comments;

100 Village Voice Robert WilonskyA film that’s both breathtakingly majestic and heartbreakingly intimate.100 The Hollywood Reporter Kirk HoneycuttThe visual design of Wall-E is arguably Pixar’s best. Stanton, who wrote the script with Jim Reardon from a story he concocted with Peter Docter, creates two fantastically imaginative, breathtakingly lit worlds.100 Chicago Tribune Michael PhillipsWhile I may argue with the little guy’s taste in musicals, it’s remarkable to see any film, in any genre, blend honest sentiment with genuine wit and a visual landscape unlike any other.100 New York Post Lou LumenickA charming, hilarious robot love story aimed at the entire family.100 USA Today Claudia PuigAt once futuristic, funny and fantastical.100 Washington Post John AndersonThe idea that a company in the business of mainstream entertainment would make something as creative, substantial and cautionary as WALL-E has to raise your hopes for humanity.100 The Onion (A.V. Club) Tasha RobinsonIt’s Pixar’s most daring experiment to date, but it still fits neatly into the studio’s pantheon: Made with as much focus on heart as on visual quality, it’s a sheer joy.100 Entertainment Weekly Owen GleibermanIt whisks you to another world, then makes it every inch our own.100 Wall Street Journal Joe MorgensternThe first half hour of WALL-E is essentially wordless, and left me speechless. This magnificent animated feature from Pixar starts on such a high plane of aspiration, and achievement, that you wonder whether the wonder can be sustained. But yes, it can.100 TV Guide Ken FoxIt can hardly be called a children’s film, but a masterpiece of feature-film animation for all ages.

It is such a shame then that I’ll probably be watching this visual masterpeice on my laptop, via a Bit torrent site.I’ve been looking forward to WALL-E ever since i heard the concept, but Pixar and DIsney have decided that Australians should wait til September 11 2008 for the film to be released here. I thought we’d been through this before? When movie files being Bit Torrented first made headlines a few years back, all the major studios started releasing their blockbusters on the same day across the planet. They realised that one reason movies were being pirated was the long wait between markets.For instance, the biggest movie going weekend in the US is the Thanksgiving Day long weekend. Typically studios would release Testosterone Gun 4 or whatever blockbuster they expected to make the most money from that weekend. In Australia, the biggest movie going day by far is Boxing Day. So in the past, Australians would have to wait over a month for such releases.Piracy changed that, and today Testosterone Gun 4 will generally open on the same day around the world. But lately the studios have been falling back into the delay shtick, on the ‘second teir blockbusters’. Which begs the question, how the hell does Disney think WALL-E is a second teir blockbuster?To be fair, I can understand why they delay releases. The price of an average film print that plays at a cinema is around $3000. So for a universal release, a $3000 print must be made for every cinema screen in the world. By staggering a release around the world, the studios can make far fewer prints and re-use them in different markets. So, when we finally get to see WALL-E in September, it will be a hand-me-down scratched print from the US. Does that make you feel better?Sorry, I’m rambling now, but it just kills me that i cant see WALL-E tonight at the cinema, but i can see it on The Pirate Bay.So my question to you dear reader, is should i wait, or should i pirate?

Mini Me Sex Tape

I’m really sorry about this.. The lovely Mattro on teh twitters just linked to a Mini Me sex tape that TMZ has gotten its hands on..


 So far, I’ve only had the guts to click on the link, i haven’t pressed play yet. But as TMZ have said: 

Come on, you know you wanna watch …

UPDATE: Sweet Jebus I gave in and watched it. Its only about 10 seconds, and all you see is Mini Me adjusting the camera then licking her chin and kissing her, but still, i threw up a little. 

Please Resubscribe in iTunes

As i mentioned two shows ago, i was planning to reroute the iTunes feed through Feedburner for some statistical goodness. (More stats means more free movies…)I assumed i’d break the feed, but thanks to my l33t hackzor skillz, i didnt! So now can i ask all the lovely listeners of the Fulltimecasual podcast to unsubscribe in iTunes and then, most importantly, resubscribe? :)If you havent subscribed yet, click the sexy iTunes logo on the sidebar. Thank you muchly. Pete. 

George Carlin

So, I know it’s old news in internet terms, but George Carlin died. The first time I remember seeing Carlin was, somewhat ingloriously, in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, when I was – what? Fifteen, maybe? Younger? I remember thinking “that guy looks familiar…” Considering his fairly sanitised role in the movie, I was surprised and impressed when I first saw his standup. Seemingly without effort, he was iconoclastic, funny, clever and coarse. He was one of those rare guys who really seemed to think for himself… he naturally draws comparisons to other countercultural heroes like Bill Hicks and Lenny Bruce, but unlike Hicks his coarseness was more charming than belligerent, and unlike Bruce his wit was more intuitive than overtly intellectual. He was a very cool dude who’ll be missed. George Carlin rocked!

Your Ten Of Ten

Lovely Reader Paul Mulroney posted his ten of ten list in the comments of the latest episode, but was a bit too eager for his free tickets, and posted his full address with the list… To protect his privacy i’ve deleted the comment, but here is his list for all to enjoy. 

Top 10’s, not in orderFisher King, for Robin Williams, Jeff Bridges and Mercedes RuleFalling Down, for Michael DouglasThe Seven Samurai, better than the Magnificent SevenThe Trouble with Harry, for a young Shirley McLean and a very quirky storyStrangers on a Train, for Farley Granger and Guy HaynesThe Wall, for Bob Geldoff as a jaded rock star. (OK, I was stoned the first time I saw it)To Kill a Mockingbird, for Gregory Peck, his best ever workNorth by Northwest, Cary Grant and Eva Marie SaintReservoir Dogs, for the gratuitous violence set to cool musicRope, a cinematic play, brilliantly shot in long continuous scenesand for a second ticket, my most disappointing movies, again not in any orderIndiana Jones 4The Hitchhikers Guide to the GalaxyMr and Mrs Smith, the Hitchcock version which nearly made me burn my Hitchcock collectionStarwars Episode1Kill Bill 1 & 2Reds, how did that win an academy awardLa Dolce Vita, dittoI am Legend, making it a zombie movie killed itI don’t want to think of any more, it leaves a bad taste

I’ll keep updating this post as others contribute, so you’re ideas don’t get lost in the comments. 

Zack and Miri.


Kevin Smith is something of an icon to the Generation X film geek. He’s responsible for memes involving prime numbers, reprehensible personal hygiene, and inter-species erotica, all of which cut pretty close to the edge in their time.Given his previous comedic films it’s really not a surprise that the next thing he’s working on is titled Zack and Miri Make a Porno. It’s a story about two friends who decide that in order to get themselves out of financial strife they’ll get into the porn business. As with most of Kevins writing the dialogue is likely to be one of the highlights, well paced and ironic with plenty of pup culture references. We’ll keep you posted as firmer details come down the pipe, you can see the teaser here.