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He Didn’t Do The Ding Dong – A Spoilerific Show

SPOILER ALERT – DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS UNLESS YOU’VE SEEN BSG S04E03So clearl, we discuss BSG for a bit, but i promise, we wont talk about it again til after episode 11. After chatting about the latest episode, we offer the spoiler cast we’ve been promising a while now, with many theories on who the final cylon is, and what is going to happen in this final season.We’d have more to talk about, but Justin and I have developed a severe Mario Galaxy addiction, and preview a new segment; THE GREATEST LIVING GENERATION.Homework from me is the new albums by Billy Bragg and Steven Malkmus, for Justin its the David Lynch version of Dune.Oh, and our very first voicemail!

Graphical Representations of Songs

After mentioning Flickrolling on the last podcast, the lovely listener Chris emailed me with a few more sublime graphical representations of songs. These are probably as old as the hills, but they were new to me. 


Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!


Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!


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there are hundreds more over at the flickr song chart pool. 

Human Rolling

Now that Rickrolling is officially dead, i thought I’d share with you a variation on the game that I’ve been playing for years now, but never had a name for. I’ll call it human rolling. The idea is simple;When sitting beside someone who isnt really paying attention to you, start singing an annoyingly catchy song under your breath. As in real damn quiet. Under-the-ambient-sound-of-the-room quiet.Hopefully, the song will get stuck in their head and they’ll have no idea why. I know it sounds pointless but its incredibly fun. Just last week I got the guy on the desk beside me singing Spandau Ballets “Gold”. Soon, everyone in the office was singing it too, and blaming him for it. Or you could just work at work, but seriously, human rolling is way more fun. 

8 Random Facts

The lovely Michael Specht tagged me in the 8 random facts meme. Actually, just going through my links, the lovely Tim McCulloch tagged me on the same thing last August, i just suck at getting things done. Whatever…Cutting and Pasting from Michael’s blog, here are the rules: 

So the background/rules:-

  1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  2. People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
  3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.


1) For years now I’ve referred to people as “the lovely so-and-so…”. Its just a habit I got into during years of hospitality, and i can’t shake it. 2) I still have a fairly large working class chip on my shoulder. When I’m around ‘rich people’ i tend to overplay the bogan/westie/working class aspects of my personality. When I’m around ‘working class people’, i tend to overplay the camp. Its weird, and mainly an unconscious reaction. 3) For the Moulin Rouge World Premiere, i was Nicole Kidman’s personal bartender. She’s real purdy, and about 4 feet taller than me. Its cool though. She’s into short guys with questionable religious views.  4) I studied Japanese in High School, and and friend and i taught ourselves how to sing Cypress Hill’s Insane In the Brain in japanese. 5) That same friend and i jigged school once when we were about 10, and ended up being interviewed for Agro’s Cartoon Connection. We were celebrities for a few weeks at school, although he got in trouble for ‘jigging’. One of the questions they asked was “What do you think people would look like without skin?”6) I’m really quite uncomfortable having conversations with people on the phone, which means I’m shithouse at staying in touch with people. 7) I wanted to be a filmmaker the second i saw Back to The Future as a kid. I spent the next few years recreating scenes from the film, often with matchbox cars and lighter fluid. 8) When i was a kid, I thought The Black Stump Restaurants were the absolute height of fine dining. Ok, now i gots to tag 8 other people. The only people i know with blogs are the geeks over at Mactalk, so here they are:Matt Kelsh Steven ScottPurana ? (Whats your real name dude?)Anthony AgiusGareth TownsendAndrew WilsonHalf Goon ? (Whats your real name dude?)Danny Bishopgroovy. 

I Only Broke One Thing!

I screwed up my links (blogroll), does anyone know where they might be on the old install, or should i just start fresh?Also, I see the excellent freshy theme has been updated too, so i’m gonna play with that later tonight, and remove that bloody naff stripey background.. If anyone notices anything really screwy, or a link that doesnt work, can you point it out? Or if you wanna get some fresh link action, lemme know.. Thanks, Pete.