Monthly Archives: March 2008

Well its About Fucking Time… (New Podcast)

In this thrilling, must-listen-to-installment,underbelly – a review, which leads to the inevitableblue murder discussion. they just dont make em like that anymore.the damntation of harvey mchughbigger boat daythe speilberg retrospectivejawsclose encounterscatch me if you canDeppthrun fatboy runi didnt like it….the kubrick retrospectivepaths of glorythe killingthe thinghoward hawks or or john carpenter?escape from new yorkportalwhich leads to a discussion of the genius of yahtzeebioshockand gaming in generalzelda vs halofilms that will get you laidout of sight?lost in translation ???????we should have thought that segment through a bit more..but we didnt, cos its fulltime casual.